Links: Our experiences using Spotify's Luigi for Bioinformatics Workflows

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Feb 12, 2015

Luigi Screenshot

Fig 1: A screenshot of Luigi's web UI, of a real-world (although rather simple) workflow implemented in Luigi:

Update May 5, 2016: Most of the below material is more or less outdated. Our latest work has resulted in the SciLuigi helper library, which we have used in production and will be focus of further developments.

In the Bioclipse / Pharmaceutical Bioinformatics group at Dept of Pharm. Biosciences att UU, we are quite heavy users of Spotify's Luigi workflow library, to automate workflows, mainly doing Machine Learning heavy lifting.

Some people have asked for our experiences using Luigi. While we have yet to write up a comprehensive summary and review with conclusion, I thought to gather links to the resources already available where we discuss just that. So, find the selection of links below, in approximate order of recency and relevance:

A few external links

-- Samuel